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Ideal for groups of 4 or more but can be done with less. Escapees begin in two different jail cells yet can still see each other as they work together. This is an immersive experience with exciting surprises along the way. There is much more than just locks and keys in this escape.

If your group is looking for a high-quality escape with challenging puzzles and exciting automation, this is the perfect choice.


Designed with enough puzzles for larger groups, but still fun for smaller groups. There are two main objectives; free yourself and save as many hostages as you can. It will be difficult to save all the hostages with group sizes less than 5. Organization and problem solving will be important skills. While there is some added excitement, there are many puzzles and locks in this escape.

If your group is looking for a large escape with many combination puzzles yet still a fun environment, then this escape is perfect.


Perfect for group sizes of 2 to 6. This is a darker escape and a little spooky to increase the adrenaline. This escape was designed with great detail to make it feel like a real cemetery. We should warn you that there is a Ouija board involved, but in a fun way.

If your group is looking for a shocking rush of excitement with a storyline of communicating with the spirits, then you should check out this escape.


Great for group sizes of 2 to 8. This escape is family-friendly while adding unexpected surprises. Helping Grandma find her hidden heirloom may not sound exciting, but the secrets discovered will change the entire feel of the escape. Grandma was not just an avid bird watcher.

If your group is looking for an escape suitable for everyone yet still challenging and exciting for seasoned escapees, then you should come lend Grandma a hand.

Discover Our Many Themed Escape Rooms

Even the most experienced escape room artists will have a thrill trying to break out of our rooms. Take a look at our variety of fun and exciting escape rooms:

Parole Denied – Escape from prison once and for all.
Hotel Hostage – Break free of the old hotel.
Curse of Colchester Cemetery – Break the curse of the old cemetery.
Family Heirloom – Find the missing heirloom before it’s too late.

If you’re looking for a local escape room venue that will challenge your skills, Cryptiq Escapes is the place for you. Friend hangouts and team-building activities have never been so exciting!

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The Door Is Closed And The Clock Is Ticking. Do You And Your Friends Have What It Takes To Get Out In Time? Try Your Best To Break Out Of Our Themed Rooms In Iowa City, Iowa

We Have Trained Our Gamemasters To Assist All Skill Levels. Whether This Is Your First Escape Room Experience Or You Have Lost Count Of How Many Escapes You Have Completed, We Will Make Sure You Enjoy Your Adventure At Cryptiq Escapes!


There are plenty of great reasons to visit Cryptiq Escapes. An escape room can be perfect for your group when you're on the hunt for:




Are you brave enough to take on our Curse of Colchester Cemetery escape room? Do you have the skills to solve our Family Heirloom escape room? Visit us soon to find out! Also, check out our themed rooms for Parole Denied and Hotel Hostage escape!


Our escape room options go above and beyond lock and key games. We have interactive elements and fun puzzles that make the experience different than your typical escape room. We go the extra step to make the rooms feel as life like as possible by bringing in all senses; except taste (that would be weird). Our escapes are just as entertaining for newbies as they are for seasoned professionals.

See how well you can do in any of our escape rooms by scheduling a visit.

SOLVE THE PUZZLE TO MAKE IT OUT IN TIMECheck Out Our Local Escape Room Options In Iowa City, Iowa

If you’re looking for the perfect team-building activities for your employees, you just found it. If you want to test your problem-solving skills with your friends, this is the place to be. Visit your local escape room in Iowa City, Iowa.

Cryptiq Escapes is the place to go when you want a fun and thrilling challenge. Unlike other escape rooms, we create intricate and fun escapes that test your wits at every turn. Can you and your friends get out before time is up?

Get ready for a fun time with great people. Stop by Cryptiq Escapes to try your hand at the toughest escape rooms in town.